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Shakti  Post hole Digger :-


Shakti Double Pit digger for Sugar Cane, Banana,and Jetropha Planting

  Shakti  Deep Holedigger     
  Shakti Double Pit digger for Sugar Cane, Banana,and Jetropha Planting :-
Double Pit digger Double pit digger is altra modern equipment for new age. it can make two pit in singal time and save time and labour. it is also very useful for sugarcane banana and jetropha planting

Ring pit digger of sugar cane
  Benefits if Mechanized Planting Benefits of this system are :- 
  • Helps in accommodating higher seed rates in new placements by modifying planting technique, which involves alerting crop geometry and soil manipulation, successfully inducing stiff crop competition at initial stages to eliminate yield and recovery levels.
  • Nutrients/ agro chemical are applied in the pits and their use is optimized as compares to other techniques.
  • It facilitates/ ensures netter water use efficiency i.e. less water, time and number of irrigations required.
  • Pit gets sunlight, air and organic matter and thus helps in improving soil structure and composition.
  • Air, light and moisture are available in sufficient quantity for better growth of cane.
  • It involves around 25% of the total area. Operational activities are easy as compared to exiting methods.
  • Insects-pests i.e. eggs, larvae and pupae of borers, white grub and other pests get exposed and killed by birds.
  • Cane is saved from lodging and consequent yield looses. Medium and small farmers can earn profits from small holdings by adopting this technique


Shakti Deep Holedigger :-

Detailed Product Description

This product can drill a hole 3 meters deep, and hole's diameter can reach 50 centimeters with the operation efficiency from 5min/hole to 10min/hole. It is widely used for operation of deep holes in electric power, communication and construction industries. It has characteristics of self-moving, self generating electricity, high operation efficiency and easy operation.

Operation Diameter: 20-50cm
Operation Depth: 1.7-3 m
Operation Efficiency: 5-10 min/hole
Applications: picket base hole, lamp post hole
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