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Shakti  Post hole Digger :-


Shakti Double Pit digger for Sugar Cane, Banana,and Jetropha Planting

  Shakti  Deep Holedigger     
  Shakti  Post hole Digger :-
Single Holedigger Shakti Post Hole Diggers is supplied with a heavy-duty gear box and PTO shafts which withstand tough soil conditions.

There are different sizes of augers and available as optional and can be selected by the customers as per their requirement and nature of work.

This is Ideally suited for both 540 and 1000-RPM Tractors . Minimum Horse Power required to run this implement is 35 HP and above.
  Description :  

Post Hole Digger is equipment, which can drill/Dig holes of varied sizes and depths in soil.

Post Hole Digger is used to make pits for plantation of Mango, Coconut, Teak, Pomegranate, Lemon, Phyllanthus embolic etc.

Post hole digger can also very useful to set up the electeric poles. 
Hole Digger is available in two models:-

1. Hole Digger suitable for 18HP to 30HP, with 540 PTO RPM 9", 12", inch augurs.

2. Hole Digger suitable for 35HP to 50HP, with 540 PTO RPM 18", 24", 30", 36" inch augurs.




Gearboxes - Strong, long lasting, made from high-quality materials and
machined to tight tolerances. The ring gear and pinions are mounted in
Timken Tapered Roller Bearings.

Drivelines - 540 R.P.M. and 1000 R.P.M fully guarded.

Booms, Yokes & Adapter Kits - Manufactured from high-quality
material to precise tolerances.

Augers - Double or single flight construction. Diameters from 9" to 36".
Cutting edges, teeth and points are all heat treated and replaceable.

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