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  Shakti Rotary Tiller :-
Rotary Tiller shakti Rotary Tiller is designed to suit every kind of soil for preparing fine seed beds for root crops, orchards, fodder crops and cash crops etc. only in one or two passes. It enhances the soil fertility by mixing the residue of crops like Cotton, Sugarcane, and Wheat etc. It can be applied in dry and wet soil and can be used for padding.

  Description :  
  • Rotary Tiller is ideal for smooth & speedy preparation for root crops, fodder crops, orchards & cash crops.
  • Rotary tiller enhances the soil fertility by mixing the residue of crops like cotton, sugarcane, wheat and paddy.
  • Efficient & economical for padding. Suitable for dry and wet soil condition because of sealed rotor bearings.
  • Results in time & fuel saving. Lesser wear & tear of the tractor as the soil preparation is accomplished in one or two passes.
  • Rotary tiller conserves soil moisture & helps water management as tilling can be done immediately after harvesting the previous crop.
  • Tillage depth varies according to moisture level of soil. 

  • Specially designed L- Blades, having a longer life & requires less maintenance.
  • Single Speed Gear Box.
  • PTO shaft with shear bolt system, to avoid damage to Rotary Tiller & Tractor due to overload.
  • Depth can be controlled by depth skid.
  • Spring loaded adjustable trailing board.
  • Rotor Speed Standard 220 R.P.M. to 540 P.T.O. R.P.M.
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